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NZ Internships

(Internship + Traineeship = Work Experience = your gateway to NZ Permanent Residence)

What do Oprah Winfrey, professional golfer Tom Lehman and California Senator Dianne Feinstein have in common? They all completed internships. Winfrey began her career interning at WTVF in Nashville, Lehman learned how to organize fundraisers as an intern in the athletic department at the University of Minnesota, and Feinstein spent a year as an intern at The Coro Foundation.

Programme Basics

Internships in New Zealand for a Global Career

Study Plus can arrange internships for International students in New Zealand Businesses in all industry areas from business to the arts. The companies we work with include large multi nationals to small boutique firms. Just some of the Internship areas that we place students in include: Finance, IT, Public Relations, Marketing, Event Management and Planning, Sports Management and Training, Conservation, Tourism, Management, Vet-Science, Business, Communications, Natural Resource Management, Finance, Accounting, IT, Marine Biology, Film, Law, Arts, Education, Journalism and accounting amongst others… For people whose second language is English the quality of work experience will depend on your level of English. Generally the work will allow you to meet and work with people and use English in a business setting. Some examples of the work you do include: general office administration, event planning, marketing, research.

How does it work

Send us a CV and cover letter with the type of work experience you want as well as the dates you want to work and if it’s full or part time. It is recommended you work for 5-8 weeks full time for the best experience(this may be over the summer holidays or you could work part time during the semester if you are already studying in New Zealand)

We will phone you and determine your level of English to see if it is of a suitable standard

If it is, we will arrange an interview with a New Zealand business in your chosen field

The business will inform us if they want to offer you work experience

If they do, then you must arrange your supporting documentation

If they do not then we will arrange a second interview. If you fail the second interview then it may be your English is not of a competent standard to work in a New Zealand business

Pre-internship orientation The cost for the above service is NZ$500 + GST. CV assistance ($100 – optional)


Hire a Graduate


Hire a highly skilled foreign graduate in New Zealand 

We only select the best students......

who meet all the criteria that makes them worthy to come to New Zealand and work and study. Most of our students come from India and are deligent hard-workers who often seek employment while here in the country.

Our graduates are ambitious, measured, and keen on progressing their professional development.

Consider filling your HR needs with our high quality students already in New Zealand on study visas with permission to work. If you'd like to hire a graduate get in touch by sending us an email or give us a call so we can talk further about ways in which we could help.

If you'd like to hire a graduate get in touch by sending us an email or give us a call so we can talk further about ways in which we could help.

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