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Staff in the international office of the education provider are available to help, support and advise students on accommodation options and issues. If students are coming in Wellington then StudyPlus can also advise on the options available and help students in organising an appropriate place to live.

We strongly recommend our students to apply for homestay accommodation for at least one month. Homestay provides a warm family environment and gives students the opportunity to assimilate into the New Zealand way of life by becoming part of a New Zealand family. The homestay details are forwarded to a student by their education provider.

Many students live in rental accommodation while studying. Sharing rental accommodation (a “flat”) with other students is one of the cheapest ways to live in New Zealand. Houses and flats are available for rental from property owners and through some real estate agents. Most flats are unfurnished so it is up to students to check with the owners or agents!

We would advise that students prepare for independent living by developing skills such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting, etc. If students consider flatting, we suggest they look at the following websites:

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