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Voted amongst one of the most developed and safest environments in the world, New Zealand has emerged as a People living in New Zealand are very lucky hot destination for migrants from all across the globe.

Every year students from all over the world make New Zealand their new home. The untouched beauty and easy pace of the country is the perfect antidote to the pressurized existence that most Indian graduates may experience on a daily basis back home! New Zealand is clean, green, secure and friendly. It is very cosmopolitan, has a stable democratic government and after 9/11 is considered one of the safest developed nations to be in. Although limited in population, it rivals any other country in terms of infrastructure, opportunities and great natural beauty.

In 2006, New Zealand has also been voted the least corrupt country in the world along with two others.

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The taxes you pay in New Zealand are used for your benefits like uninterrupted power supply, excellent roads, law & order, subsidised health care, emergency healthcare, children’s education, unemployment & accident benefits and many other similar benefits. The New Zealand Government strives hard to ensure that international students who turn into new migrants integrate well with the native population and experience positive social, cultural and economic outcomes of living and working together. You can also seek permanent residency for your parents or siblings once you have settled in the country (subject to immigration rules prevalent at the time of making an application).

We have a strong working relationship with Migrate New Zealand Ltd. represented by Mr. Steve Mcnulty (Licensed Immigration Advisor). Together we assist many students in becoming a permanent resident of New Zealand upon the completion of their studies under the skilled migrant category. Migrate New Zealand Ltd. offer a 100% guarantee for work at very competitive rates. For more information on the services of Migrate New Zealand, please go to

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