Amarpal Singh - Diploma in Business

After finishing my B.Com in India I came to study in Wellington in July 2011. I am studying NZ Diploma in Business and find it very practical compared to what I studied back in India. I was working in India so to find a better job in bigger company I decided to learn practical skills required to become a business manager. I found that New Zealand has a very good reputation for higher studies and practical courses taught here are recognised globally. My friends who were already here were very happy and that motivated me too!

I have been practicing my English and becoming more confident day by day. I love the scenery of this country, people are very friendly and cooperative and my institute and tutors are very helpful.

Life goes on well and after studying this Diploma I will go for higher studies as well because I enjoy studying in New Zealand atmosphere which is very inspiring.

Finally, I would like to say that I am very happy as a student in this country and I am glad I made this decision.


Thanks Study Plus for allowing me this opportunity and your ongoing support!

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