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As an international student in New Zealand you will be able to enjoy and Meet people, discover yourself, have a great time and stay healthy!

Experience the wide range of new and unique activities that the country has to offer. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people including locals, other students and travelers around the world.

As an international student of Study Plus you can become a member of the Study Plus international student club. The team at Study Plus organizes social events such asbarbeques, international nights, sports activities, short breaks away and trips to hot spots, as well as assisting you with orientation and pre-departure events. It’s up to you to get involved and make the most of your time in New Zealand, as it goes fast.

For more information on student activities and opportunities for leisure, visit

NZIBN Young Professionals Club

Welcome to our young professionals club

If you are young, have the vision, drive and passion and want to network with like minded professionals then we are on the same page! Even better if you have a business case to pursue in New Zealand or India and want to share your ideas, seek insights and expand your ‘know-how’ on how to go about it.

We have established this platform for young professionals from New Zealand and India to enhance their inter-cultural competence and develop their personal and professional relationships and skills.

We can organise you a business coach, provide access to resources, knowledge, facilities and last but not the least can give you a clean as a whistle ‘push’ (external motivation) to kick start your business. We also hold a range of events aimed to up-skill and inspire you to form your own networks.

So do join us to mix and mingle, meet some new people, learn a thing or two and enjoy yourself along the way!

Our gain – to build communities of prosperity and nurture personal and professional development among our peer groups.

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