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For students studying for a mainstream programme, we recommend they arrive in New Zealand at least one week before the start of their study. This means that they will have time to familiarize themselves with the city, get use to the climate and different way of life, and most importantly attend the orientation. The two main international airports are in AUCKLAND and CHRISTCHURCH, or you might come from Australia to Wellington airport.  

The arrival process that a student will go through when they arrive in New Zealand is as follows:

Preparations for landing in New Zealand

Fill in a New Zealand Passenger Arrival Card

Show the Arrival Card and passport at Passport Control

Collect baggage and go through Customs

Give the Arrival Card to an official.

Students may be stopped and questioned and their baggage may be subjected to further scrutiny including search, x-ray, or detector dog examination. Remember, the Arrival Card is a legal document, therefore all students must fill in the card carefully. Either declare relevant items or put them in the special bin in the airport. False declarations can lead to penalties including confiscation of goods, fines, prosecution and imprisonment.

For more details on what can you bring please visit the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry website on:

For full details on the type of goods you are allowed to bring please visit the New Zealand Customs website

Airport Pickup

Once you have received your student visa please let StudyPlus know of your flight details.  

Study Plus provides great care for its students - even picking them up as soon as they set foot in the country!

We generally need notice of two days prior to your arrival in New Zeal

and.  As a part of our service to you we can organise a free airport pickup.

Upon arrival you will be met at the airport and taken to your accommodation.

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