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And it does not matter whether the visa officer is in a good mood or a bad mood!

How many times have we not heard the story ‘the visa officer was in a bad mood and did not even give me a chance to speak’? Imagine this scenario - some guy who happens to be a visa officer wakes up in the morning, has a fight with his wife and comes to work and decides to take out all his anger on the first 3 students who will approach him for a visa by not giving it to them! And you happen to be one amongst the three. Nightmare isn’t it? Imagine falling prey to the ‘mood’ of a visa officer after months of preparation, especially if you are a good student?

A good* student according to Immigration New Zealand means the following:Study Plus can help you apply for your student visa

• Good academic history

• Proven ability in English to be able to successfully attend a course of study in NZ

• Verifiable evidence of funds to meet the educational expenses

• Regular source of sufficient income of financial guarantors

• Intended course relevant to educational background/work experience

• Clear health & character requirements

IMPORTANT: Your ability to understand your proposed course of study at your chosen Institute coupled with your English ability to articulate it to your visa officer is significantly important and will have a bearing on the outcome of your student visa application. 

The visa officer would look at your ‘Statement of Purpose’ and may call you to determine your intentions and insights for your proposed higher education in New Zealand before deciding on the outcome of your application with Immigration New Zealand.

If you have the above you will be termed a ‘Positive Profile’ student by Immigration New Zealand and your student visa is almost guaranteed. All these visa officers make rational judgments rather than whimsical decisions based on ‘mood’.

You do not have to attend a personal interview in Delhi unless you have some really peculiar circumstances. You only have to answer a telephonic interview. And you can always say you will call back if that moment is not appropriate or convenient to you like being in traffic. You can always come to our office and we will connect you to the visa officer after making a proper introduction.

And you can explain clearly and state without any fear that you want to go to New Zealand, study sincerely, pick up your GUARANTEED 12 MONTHS WORK PERMIT, find a job relevant to your course, extend the 12 months work permit to a 2 years work permit and apply for your permanent residency when you get the required points. Simple. No cock and bull stories are required like a sick grandfather who cannot live without you and hence you WILL come back after you finish your studies.

Yes, of course you should state that if you would like to return back or move to another country upon the completion of your studies. The essence is to be forthright and truthful about your intentions and explicit your career goals to the visa officers at Immigration New Zealand.

And what if you have been rejected a student visa before?

Like we say in New Zealand – ‘No worries mate’! Rejections to other countries or to New Zealand will not hamper the visa officer’s rationality unless the previous visas were rejected due to fraudulent documentation or a medical problem. In fact all decisions have to be ratified by a senior officer before being conveyed to the student and Immigration New Zealand has a very robust system to address customer complaints through their ‘Complains Resolution Process’ (CRP).

V - Verifiable funds

I - Impressive English

S - Sincerity of Purpose

A - Academic or Work track record

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