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Amrit Kaur

"I started my studies at WelTec by doing Diploma in Hospitality Supervision and now I am working full time in a well known hotel as a Receptionist. It’s all because of the support that I gathered from WelTec and StudyPlus team. They stand by me all the time I need them, very supportive, encouraging team of Study Plus help all the students to reach their goals. Even at WelTec the tutors make the classes fun and interesting and motivate you to be successful. Being a student in New Zealand was fun too. There was lots of stuff going on for international students and I have come away with some awesome friendships."

Aviraj Singh

"I came to New Zealand in March 08 to fulfill my numerous dreams and I believe that WelTec (my place of study) and Study Plus are helping hands to my ambition of becoming a great and successful businessman. The tutors here are very helpful and another good thing about New Zealand is that there are a lot of part time jobs for students and the low cost of living here also represent good value for money. I thank Study Plus who is doing great job in looking after international students and assist them with their smooth transition in New Zealand and help us feel like home in this new country."

Harmanpreet Singh Dhanju

"It was always my dream to study overseas and after my research I selected New-Zealand as my preferred destination for higher studies. New Zealand qualifications are of high standard and are recognized at international level. It is also one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries of the world. I am doing National Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical) at Wellington Institute of Technology since Feb' 07. The teachers over here are friendly and committed and always ready to help us in the best possible way. Another good thing about New Zealand is its Multicultural society. Kiwis are friendly and pleasant, but chances of exceptions are always there. More over it provides a low cost of living and lot of part times jobs, which gives a professional understanding while you are studying.A big Thanks to STUDYPLUS which has helped me right through the beginning and being a part of my success so far."

Manjot Singh

"I am a Track Engineering Analyst (Railways). I came to New Zealand 4 years ago to study here in NZ through Study Plus. I did a 2 years Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. My course was very interesting as there were lot of practical assignments and not all theory. My tutors here at WelTec were very supportive and receptive to new ideas and Study Plus team also helped me a lot to get thorough this phase and successfully complete my studies. I was very satisfied in the end with my Diploma as New Zealand qualifications are world recognized and have a great value throughout the world. NZ is a very peaceful country and has a very low crime rate as compared to other developed countries. We have a multicultural society and very friendly people here. And that’s not all, NZ is a very beautiful place and we have got the most stunning and breath taking views. It is a pollution free country and a very healthy place to live in. I have enjoyed my stay here in NZ so far and I am a Permanent Resident of NZ now and feel like home here. Once again thank you Study Plus for helping me settle into this country."

Guriqbal Singh

"I came to New Zealand to do my National Diploma in Hospitality Management and since I finished I am working in a very reputed hotel in the heart of Wellington. The qualification here was very practical and I learnt a lot about the Hotel Industry. The staff at my institution was very knowledgeable and supportive of students from different cultures. Study Plus helped me in coming here and adjust to my new environment. All I will say is that it’s a great place to study, work and live."

What Our Students Say